Documentary Work

Our documentaries are devoted to current events and movements that are significant to both our national and international society. We seek to be on the frontlines and behind the scenes as the events unfold, educating viewers first-hand.

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Television Production

Our TV production centers around social and politically pertinent issues, presented through talk shows, news features and round table discussions. We don’t shy away from covering controversial issues or heated debates, but our approach is always fair and professional.

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Promotional Video

We work with start-ups, artists and companies of all kinds to create promotional material suited directly for their needs. We produce commercials, corporate videos, PSAs and everything in between. Our work is made to fit your audience and needs.

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  • The Front Post

    The Front Post is a full service multimedia and production platform devoted to creating engaging documentaries, television features and promotional videos. We are rooted in a desire to share relevant stories and ideas, but are constantly adapting our practice to new perspectives and methods.

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